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Real-Time Appearance-Based Mapping

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RTAB-Map logo RTAB-Map (Real-Time Appearance-Based Mapping) is a RGB-D Graph-Based SLAM approach based on an incremental appearance-based loop closure detector. The loop closure detector uses a bag-of-words approach to determinate how likely a new image comes from a previous location or a new location. When a loop closure hypothesis is accepted, a new constraint is added to the map’s graph, then a graph optimizer minimizes the errors in the map. A memory management approach is used to limit the number of locations used for loop closure detection and graph optimization, so that real-time constraints on large-scale environnements are always respected. RTAB-Map can be used alone with a hand-held Kinect or stereo camera for 6DoF RGB-D mapping, or on a robot equipped with a laser rangefinder for 3DoF mapping.

RGB-D mapping

Loop closure detection


ROS Ubuntu Mac OS X Windows Google Tango  Raspberry Pi Docker





Privacy Policy

RTAB-Map Tango app on Google Play Store requires access to camera to record images that will be used for creating the map. When saving, a database containing these images is created. That database is saved locally on the device (on the sd-card under RTAB-Map folder). RTAB-Map requires read/write access to RTAB-Map folder only, to save, export and open maps. RTAB-Map doesn’t access any other information outside the RTAB-Map folder. RTAB-Map doesn’t share information over Internet unless the user explicitly exports a map to Sketchfab, for which RTAB-Map needs the network. If so, the user will be asked for authorization (oauth2) by Sketchfab (see their Privacy Policy here).

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